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We celebrated our 35th Birthday in 2018 !

Our firm’s – METAPLAST Gear Technology – main profile is the production of high precision gears. The ancestor – Metaplast GMK was established in 1983 as a private family enterprise. We keep the family oriented characteristics nowadays as well.

The main essence of our philosophy has never changed during the long years: to manufacture, thus create something that represents hich quality. All our technical and personal developments aimed to support this philosophy. Our company is in the circle of of the first 600 companies, which received the ISO certification, and we are very proud of this fact.

We became accrediated suppliers of several companies during the long years (BMW AG, GE Hungary, Knorr-Bremse, Robert Bosch, VW Group, ZF Hungária Kft)

Development of our company can be divided into several parts. All of them represent the fact that we are pretty flexibile, making us be able to satisfy market needs quickly and in quality.

In time of foundation our circle of customers were mainly the state-owned companies. These companies collapsed and became bankrupt during the changes of political system. This downfall in economy has actuated us to localize western export opportunities. In middle term there export partners’ orders guarranteed the improvement of our company from all aspects.

Export to the western market required more efforts to quality, growing up to the needs of the customers in terms of measurement as well. We consider that quality is the most important nowadays as well.

It was a great step for us that we managed to buy an own factory building in 1999. In this new premise we can welcome our clients as we have always wanted. To be in the position to give a picture of our production capabilities and the in the meantime give a chance to show our approach to the raised challenge.

In our present workshop hall the production process became much smoother and well arranged. These are the basic criteria of the satisfaction of accelerated market needs. It is in the focus to keep our flexibility in the production cirlce and being able to prioritise the projects we are working on.

It was a great development that we purchased a CNC gear measuring centre (Klingelnberg PNC40.) Since this time we managed to obtain one of the gear measuring centre that use the most recent technology (Wenzel WGT350). This machine gives full safety for our clients proving the high quality of the products made by us.

In 2009 one of our biggest dream has come true: we purchased a Oerlikon Maag Opal 800 type of profile grinding machine that is able to grind in DIN Q2 with any modifications.

Our main profile is the production of ground gears from DIN Q3 from the non-series – prototype – till the mass production. In the range of our products the followings take place: master gears, noise checking gears, CNC cutting rolls, milling rolls, gears (straight and skew), helical gears, internal gears, ribbed belt-pulley flywheels, chain gears.

On top of the manufacture of these categories of products we are dealing with the design of tools for given parts, and we design power transmissions and gearing.

As a result of the high quality means of production, and the technical grounding of our professional workers we are able to manufacture products measured by American and British standards. In case of special need we are ready to produce the tools for the production as well.

70 % of our production goes to export, main partners are from Germany and Austria. Our products are built in driving gears, machine producing tools and gearboxes. Our tools make the production of much multinational company smooth.

We can produce the gears from diameter 5 till 500 mm, between 0,5 and 14 modules; in hardened and ground form from DIN 3967 2 class. Our measuring machines make possible the granting a quality certificate as well. In 1996 our firm has joined to the ISO 9001 quality assurance system, this way the perfectionism of the products is warranted.

During the calculation of the production time we consider the need of the customers, and we try to satisfy it at the possibly highest level.

If your order was not accepted by anyone, try at us!

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major steps of development


1998: ISO 9001

First support was given by the Hungarian State in 1998, when based on the resolved request of the Customers we needed to introduce the ISO9001 Quality Assurance System, but we did not have enough financial source on our own. This was the first time when we received support from the Hungarian State. As a result of this help we have successfully introduced the Quality Assurance system, and the door has opened for our company to the directon of different foreign companies (ZF Hungária Kft, BMW Traditionel, Giddings&Lewis GmbH, Voith GmbH, Global Sourcing GmbH, Ganz Energetika Kft). Orders received from these companies and a result of technical developments we were able to reserve funds for the base of the new workshop hall


2011 - New headquater

Economical  crisis started in 2006 has touched our company very much, but in a different way then other companies  operating in Hungary. In the last few years we have managed to reserve considerable funds for the planned real estate investment. The price of the industrial reas estates has been reduced significantly. The low price of the industrial lands and the possibility of the development fund from the European Union (KMOP-1.5.3/C-10-2010-0047 number of project) have helped the realisation of our workshop hall investment. As a result of the support we have moved into a workshop meeting all expectations of the XXI Century in August 2011.


ISO 14001

This investment has increased highly our judgement towards our Curtomers, but only this investment would not be enough if we would not have been continuing certain technical and enviromental developments. In frame of an other application KMOP-1.2.1-11/B-2012-0059 number of project) we have realised to build out the ISO14001 system and the puchase of a machine resulting in a technological jump.


Developing EMAS

The EMAS system meeting all the mostly developed and strict rules was introduced based on our requirement, in own financing at the same time as the project named above (supervised by MAG Zrt.)


2013: 30th Birthday

Our company celebrated its 30th Birthsday in 2013. As is it clearly visible from the above facts we plan the operation of our company for long time. This goal is supported by our investments and developments.

We are the most proud of the fact that 7 people have gone into pension from our company and we give a fix source of living for 20 families.


2018: Certification against the refereshed iso expectations

Except for having the free delivery status to certain clients it is vital being able to meet the continously changing and growing expectations in terms of documentation and other standards.

Our company has successfully integrated the updated ISO standards requirements into the procedures and passed the Customer Audit from ZF Friedrichshafen AG with 90%.


2019: major technological growth

We have purchased a 5 axis OKUMA Machine, being able to use it for certain new product groups and technologies. On top of this we have made several steps in the further development of the measuring system be purchasing a Mitutoyo 3 Co-ordinates measuring machine and a Wenzel WGT600 gear measuring center.

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