Metaplast Kkt. is engaged to reduce the pollution load during its top quality production. Therofore we implemeted the ISO 9001 quality mangement system in 1998, then the ISO 14001 environmental management system in 2012 and finally we connected to the EMAS voluntary environmental management instrument.

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ISO 9001:2015

The ISO 9001:2015 standard is the basic standard of management systems and the starting point or basis of all other management systems. This standard focuses on processes. Clearly defined powers and responsibilities as well as transparent processes assist employees in performing their tasks and significantly contribute to increasing employees’ motivation.

ISO 14001:2015

Manufacturers and service providers are under pressure to make supply chains more environmentally friendly due to the growing global awareness of the environmental impact of consumer lifestyles. Organisations that align their commercial objectives with global ecological concerns stand to gain a substantial competitive advantage. This also reduces the cost of energy and material consumption, recycling, air and water emissions, and legal fees incurred by non-compliance.


The Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) is a voluntary environmental management instrument, which was developed in 1993 by the European Commission. It enables organizations to assess, manage and continuously improve their environmental performance. The scheme is globally applicable and open to all types of private and public organizations. In order to register with EMAS, organisations must meet the requirements of the EU EMAS-Regulation.